You're probably here to learn more about Steve Norum.

Unfortunately, I'm too busy/lazy/scatterbrained to keep a personal webpage up to date, so here are some links that may be useful.


The vast majority of repos are random projects that interested me for about half an hour years ago and are now just cruft. At some point I'll hopefully clean that up.


Random career info. I currently work at Amazon Web Services.

(No, I'm not currently looking to change jobs, unless you're willing to offer a literal dump truck full of money.)

Blog #1:

This occasionally has posts related to random stuff.

Blog #2: Drunken Robot Engineering blog

This occasionally has posts related to various side engineering projects.

Ultramarathon results:

I occasionally go jogging. Usually I do 6 or 7 miles. Sometimes it's 100.

NOT me: Steven Norum's hockey stats

Pretty sure this guy is a relative (3rd or 4th cousin, I'd wager) but he is most certainly not me.

ALSO NOT me: Stephen Norum's homepage

Pretty sure this guy is another 3rd/4th cousin, and he's also a software developer, but as with the hockey dude he's definitely not me.